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Ozerdogan Design

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Modding in sim racing is hard enough. It requires a ton of technical knowledge, research and countless hours of testing to get right. While great care and detail goes into the greatest modding, it isn't always the physics or model correlations that make the final product shine. Today, we give tribute to one of the more recent contributors to Storm Gang Simulation projects: Burak Ozerdogan.
Ozerdogan Design is Burak's graphics and livery operation that has been dedicated to recreating real life liveries in the sim world and also crafting reimagined iconic historical paint jobs on modern race cars (and in vice versa). He is also available for hire to do completely custom and original paint schemes.
Burak joined SGS for the Trans Am TA2, World Sportscar 2023 and World Sportscar 1998 projects. Not only has his exacting attention to detail brought in some of the hottest liveries to hit prototypes, but he's also been elemental in identifying areas of improvement on the cars themselves, specifically pointing out where mesh work could be adjusted for better painting.
Burak works in pretty much any simulation with a lot of paints from Assetto Corsa Competitione, rFactor 2, Euro Truck Simulator and iRacing. Hailing from Istanbul, he expands our international community of partners and we very much look forward to continued work with him on future projects. Check out his art at or find him on Instagram for continuous update:

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