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Trans Am TA2

The modern formula actually has roots going back to the mid 2000' Scandinavia.  By 2011, the class appeared in the US, renamed TA2.  From there, it was refined and became the most popular in the series.  Its rise to dominance is due to the high performance and low cost that still sees incredibly close racing.  NASCAR drivers regularly use TA2 spot races as a way to practice road circuits.  Historic grid sizes have reached into the 50's, rivaling high profile endurance events.

The cars features the styling cues of the major American pony cars on top of tube frame chassis.  Trans Am has offered an affordable Choice engine which is based on the LS7 power plant producing around 500hp.  The special Pirelli tires are thick radial designs that are meant to imitate many features of traditional bias-ply while offering modern durability and performance.  Most of the components are regulated to drive down costs and keep the racing focused on driver skill above all else.

Storm Gang Simulation has lovingly crafted each of the 3 cars represented in the series: Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger.  Not only do these cars feature the Choice engine, but also the bespoke manufacturer engines uniquely available for each body style.  All versions have the SGS "Smart BOP™" applied so they retain unique characteristics while still being closely competitive across a stint.  There's even an option to swap traditional mirrors for spot mirrors, reducing drag slightly along with rear visibility.


Development has been done in concert with Howe Racing Enterprises (chassis design and builder), Katech (engine provider) and a slew of real TA2 drivers including Rhett Barkau, Dylan Archer, Guy Cosmo, Mike Skeen, Tyler Kicera and more.  Along with additional suspension design from SCSR's Garry Cross, and the exquisitely refined 3D modeling by Brian van Beusekom, this is the most detailed and realistic simulation of modern Trans Am ever produced.


Additional liveries by Matthew Overton, Ozerdogan Design and Alec King

Enjoy the culmination of raw, modern muscle car racing in the steam workshop:

Templates here:


Chevrolet Camaro

Where there's Ford, there's Chevy.  The war between the two auto giants is never ending and it's no surprise that the Camaro would be seated right alongside it's biggest rival in an American racing series.

The Camaro's 6th generation body stylings find their way onto the panels and shaping of the TA2 version.  The Camaro runs a LS3 460HP 378ci V8 or the Choice 445HP 378ci V8 (LS7 based) and is a great all around car for performance.


Dodge Challenger

Mopar fans have sadly seen their favorite car slip from the ranks as its top end advantage was restricted.  A few stalwarts, like Rhett Barkau, took the battle to a sea of Camaros and Mustangs.

The Dodge Challenger runs either the highly revered (and fast-but-fat) Hemi 513HP 378ci V8 or the Choice 445HP 378ci V8 (LS7 based).  The Hemi will give you great top end, similar to the Dodge's original appeal, but you'll need to be good on your brakes to take advantage of the speed.


Ford Mustang

By far the most popular body type in the field, the Mustang has been very successful through the years of the current generation of cars.  Rafa Matos has taken his Ford to multiple TA2 championships and is looking for more.

Ford's Mustang runs the Coyote 473HP 307ci V8 or the Choice 445HP 378ci V8 (LS7 based).  Similar to the Camaro, you can expect a well rounded racing experience while wrestling this pony around the circuit.

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