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Matthew Kelly Racing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

In 2021, Storm Gang Simulation was working on the WSC 2022 mod. In an attempt to create the first complete GT3 field alongside their "Hyperthetical" hypercar grid, the need for the Ford Mustang was great. Unfortunately, the car didn't yet exist. However, a very close version of what it would be did live as the MARC II V8, running around many circuits of Australia.
While not labeled a Ford Mustang, it bore all the hallmarks of the bespoke car thanks to MARC's custom fabrication work. The various iterations of the car kept the look of the modern Mustang in endurance racing for several years with various levels of success.

The car was a perfect base to work from to craft as a GT3 as it was already competing among them in the Invitational class at events like the Bathurst 12 Hour. And that's when it was discovered that a certain Australian 3D artist had a passion for bringing racing cars into the virtual world.

Matthew Kelly lives in Brisbane and has spent a fair amount of his career crafting gorgeous 3D models (mostly race cars) for fun and profit. Some of his most intriguing works are the concept versions of various brands within the V8 Supercars and SuperGT 500 championships.
SGS could tell immediately that this level of enthusiasm for motorsport, both conceptual and real, were right in line with their own and reached out for permission to utilize his excellent MARC II V8 to import into rFactor 2. Matthew was very friendly and accommodating. Thanks to his skills and excellent details, the Ford Mustang GT3 was able to come to life in the WSC 2022 mod and continue into the WSC 2023 mod.
Matthew is still cranking out models and is even in talks with SGS to provide his upcoming Panos GTR-1 for the WSC 1998 mod.

Be sure to check out all of his incredible projects at his Artstation account or on Behance.
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