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Apex Modding

Storm Gang Simulation has had the privilege of working with a lot of talented groups and individuals across many mods. But one group in particular is very special to the team.

Apex Modding has been building virtual cars since before the days of the original rFactor. Not only developing the cars themselves but also the techniques and culture that would help build the great modding community that exists today.

Many of the members have been involved in official and unofficial projects on various titles, including Automobilista, Assetto Corsa, rFactor and rFactor 2. It's safe to say they know a thing or two about how to make some truly incredible cars. Some of their finest work comes from their Sportscar releases such as the formidable Porsche 917k and Ferrari 512S, or their Le Mans '99 set that showcases cars from the year like the indominable Toyota GT-One and the infamous Mercedes CLR.

They also have some great contributions outside of historic sportscar racing such as GT3's, the Japanese SuperGT series and beyond. See their Steam Workshop for more.

While members have come and gone, some of the originals have been hard at work, making incredible updates and additions to the rF2 landscape. The reserved Frenchman, Yoss, is an absolute wizard with 3D modeling and graphics while mastering the ins and outs of rFactor 2 as it's changed hands through the years. The Brazilian-turned-American, Gwee, is tenacious with car details and livery work, ensuring details are accurate to the pixel or millisecond.

Their contributions to the modding world are undeniable as they've accurately recreated some of the most epic racing machines in motorsport history and the insane performance they could yield. SGS is proud to work with this modding team, learning a wealth of information, utilizing their work in organized events and collaborating whenever possible.

We strongly encourage any racing fan to try their cars, drop some comments and leave them a tip on their PayPal or Patreon. You won't find a more dedicated modding team in sim racing.

Full list of links:
Apex Modding on Patreon:
Apex Modding on Facebook:
Apex Modding website which includes links to older content (perennial w.i.p.):
Apex Modding on Twitter (lagging behind):
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