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World Sports Car 2021

The writing was on the walls for the world of Sportscar Racing.  LMP1's were a dying prospect with the new Hypercar rules being posted while the future of GTE's was also in question.  To glimpse what was to come, Storm Gang Simulation decided to attack the Hypercar regulations head on and completely replace the prototype class while giving the GTE category one final send off before moving to GT3's for the 2022 season.

On the GTE side of things, we saw the beloved Viper gracefully retire while the Studio 397 cars would take over, including the option of either the Chevy C7.R or the new C8.R, the then newly released and updated Ferrari​ 488 GTE, Porsche 911 RSR GTE, BMW M8 GTE, Aston Martin Vantage GTE and one last run with the URD Ford GT GTE.  This would be the going-away celebration that many would feel around the world only a year later in WEC.


The LMP2 class would make room for a new breed of hypercars.  Because the Toyota GR010 and Glickenhaus SCG 007 models weren't fully developed at the time SGS started its work, the group opted to apply the ruleset to 3 different cars that could handle the same performance space and were good candidates to showcase the new class.  The Ferrari FXX-K Evo, Nissan GT-R LMH Concept (Super GT500 body tuned to the LMH performance regulations) and the Studio 397 McLaren Senna GTR would make up the upper field of cars.

Unfortunately, this mod would not be posted to the Steam Workshop due to contractual obligations to URD, however, you can relive all the thrilling races from the 2021 season, including the amazing 4.8 Hours of Le Mans and the WSC 2021 release trailer.  An overview of each of the SGS modified cars is below.



Ferrari FXX-K Evo LMH

This track-day car, originally introduced in 2015, crams a 6.3L V12 behind the driver for great balance and power at over 750HP.  The Evo aero kit allowed for maximum attack and helped make this a dominant force around the twistier courses where it would eat curbs and corners for lunch.

This became a true driver's car and the series' antithesis to the Nissan.  Big thanks to RST-R Mods for permission to use and modify.


McLaren Senna GTR LMH

Another track-day car which was released by Studio 397 as the premier entry into the hypercar market of DLC.  The original model was a bit faster than FIA rules allowed for the class so a great deal of work was done to slow it down and bring it to parity with the field.  Even still, the Senna has grip for days and became the go-to "sweat pants" car for drivers wanting something they could quickly and comfortably slip into.


Nissan GT-R LMH

While looking at potential candidates, obviously Nissan has been a strong contender in the world of Sportscar Racing.  Based on the GT-R 500GT body (and model by URD), the LMH version features an inline 4 engine married to a hybrid system to produce just under 900 HP (balanced down to around 874).  Combined with other suspension changes, this car became an absolute tweaky monster on the track, which could bite its own driver as much as a competitor.  Loved and hated in equal measure by those who piloted it, the GT-R was a real highlight to the series.




A favorite among the GTE field for many drivers, the Ford GT came back for the second and final tour for this great class of cars.  Evenly balanced but still very torquey, the GT was strong but required a great deal of skill to manage and extract top potential.

The URD entry was evenly balanced with the Studio 397 GTE's, making Storm Gang Simulation the first to successfully do so with the official car set. 

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