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World Sports Car 2020

The 2020 year was the first unofficial SGS project.  SGS was in its infancy and the cars used were a combination of official LMP2's from Studio 397 and URD's GTE pack + Ford GT GTE, updated by George Angelidis and Felix Schendel of Sim Racing United, making this the first time that multiple mods and cars would be integrated and balanced in one series within CMS.  The series served as a platform to revive rFactor 2 within the Champion Motorsports league after flagging interest.

Team principle, George Angelidis worked with head admin, Jon Uyan, to prepare the cars.  With the help of Don Fryman and others, the series was quickly assembled and would mirror the real life WEC/IMSA calendars.  The success was immediate as drivers loved the short-format, multi-class racing which had all of the feeling and strategy of an endurance race without demanding a ton of driver's free time.  It even attracted real world race drivers who were actively using some of the exact same machinery on these tracks at the time.

Most importantly, this series would set the foundation for the group as they looked towards upcoming projects and ways to expand.  Watch the series premier and one of the first broadcasted races below.  This mod is no longer available for download.



Oreca 07 LMP2

Built to 2017 regulations, the Oreca 07 is a major staple within the LMP2 prototype class and served as the faster racing category for the WSC 2020 mod.  Built by Studio 397, this car has carried on as a major part of sportscar racing both online and in the real world.

While not an SGS car, certain elements were updated such as tire graphics to unify the car pack.



Aston Martin Vantage GTE

This British beauty was very successful, taking wins and podiums and eventually the manufacturer's title in 2019.  The throaty V8, front engine car was surprisingly balanced.

The URD GTE version was used as a stand-in for the season to allow several updates to the mod while the team was getting better with the tools of the trade.



Well, yes, this is the URD M6, used as a stand-in while the M8 was being finished by Studio 397.  This, the other German entry, stood shoulder to shoulder with the other cars in the class.

While not quite as popular as some of the other choices in the field, those who could unlock its secrets were wildly successful and consistent.


Chevrolet Corvette C7.R

More American Muscle to fill the grid.  The last but certainly not least in the pack, the iconic C7 Corvette ran strong from 2014-2019 before updating to the C8 in the swan song of GTE racing.

The GM LT5 pushed the car to several victories, including taking the Triple Crown in 2015. URD's work was on display and little was needed to balance the car with the rest of the grid.


Dodge Viper SRT GTS-R GTE

One of three American entries in the series, the Dodge Viper is considered the State's only real sportscar by some (usually Mopar fans).  It certainly challenged the world of racing from its debut in the late 90's to its final run in IMSA.  The massive V10 engine could not be ignored and the car performed well until it was pulled in 2014.

The performance was updated to match post 2015 specs and the URD creation was successfully balanced with the field for a final run in GTE.


Ferrari 488 GTE

Introduced for the 2016 season, the 488 replaced the 458 in competition.  The 4L V8 produced just under 500bhp and the Prancing Pony is certainly an icon among the class.

At the time of organization, the 488 GTE had not been released by Studio 397 so the group opted to use the 458 from URD and update the specs to properly match the 488 in the field.



The Blue Oval flexed serious muscle with its Ford GT back in the late 60's, again in the early oughts and then again starting in 2015, even taking the 2016 Le Mans win for LM GTE-Pro, marking the 50th anniversary of the historic win in 1966 over Ferrari.

Storm Gang Simulation utilized the work of URD and balanced the 3.5L V6 against all of the other cars in its class:  The first group to do so in the world of rFactor 2.


Porsche 911 RSR GTE

Ferrari's actual rival in the world of sportscars.  The 911 is heralded as the most consistent in brand performance and tradition.  Its distinct looks and flat 6 were often seen on the podium from 2016 on.

To keep costs down for drivers and balance between the cars, the 991 from URD was used with some small updates, just like the 488.

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