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FIA GT1 2010

After the WSC dissolved in 1993, the FIA GT Championship took over and ran until 2009.  2010 marked the new era of racing by the FIA as the new FIA GT1 Championship.  Featuring a new, powerful grid of GT1-class cars, speced by SRO, the series quickly became popular and saw a healthy battle between the 6 allowed manufacturers across all 10 races.

Thanks to the work by SGS partner and modder, Outl@w, physics and tire compounds were updated for more racing strategy and balance in performance.  This was Storm Gang's first foray into what we have dubbed the Smart BOP ™ process:  Performance balancing that retains unique car traits while still being competitive through a race and an entire season.  This would become the preferred option to other modders' BOP which typically sees the same physics applied across multiple cars, what is typically known as a "League Edition".

A very big thank you to Outl@w for all his work on this and many other mods.  His passion for motorsport and sim racing helps keep the grids full and smiles on drivers faces.  See more of his work at and

Watch the first season test race at Yas Marina

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Aston Martin DBR9

The British marquee saw lots of success in the series' inaugural year.  While there were podiums aplenty, retirements and other misfortunes created a rollercoaster season that kept the AMR teams from snatching top honors.  However, there were enough points in-hand for Aston Martin to sweep the manufacturer's trophy and still lock in a 2nd and 4th in the teams running.  A strong feat for the front engine 625hp NA V12. 


Chevrolet Corvette C6.R

Based on the 2010 Z06 road car body styling, the C6 was an iconic car for the series.  While it did well for the early GT1 years, the teams struggled to be competitive in 2010.  Strong qualifying was usually undone by issues or incidents during the races, hiding the true potential of the car.  But the signature V8 sound always drew crowds and love for the American muscle in the front.


Ford GT1

Swiss team, Matech, entered the 5.7L V8 Ford GT in 2010.  German driver, Thomas Mutsch, claimed several podiums and wins to take 2nd in the driver's standings, despite 3 retirements in the season.  The car was supremely balanced and showed dominance in the Champion Motorsports NARS series that ran in 2021 as well, where it was very popular for its handling and sounds.


Lamborghini Murciélago LP670 R-SV

The other Italian rival in the field was the Murciélago.  2 race wins and a 3rd in the team's championship set this Lambo as a force to be reckoned with in the 2010 season.  While quick and nimble, the Lamborghini proved to be a challenging car to carry through an entire race.  Skilled hands and superb setups are required to unlock the full potential of this beast.


Maserati MC12 GT1

While Ferrari was notably absent in much of the GT1 era, their engines were still showcased thanks to Maserati.  The brand saw great success and went into 2010 as defending champions, only to barely be beaten out by Aston Martin for Manufacturer's title.  But with several wins and podiums in hand, the Driver's and Team's championships were won by the Italian powerhouse and that V12 symphony, seated right behind the driver.


Nissan GT-R GT1

While not as popular as some of the other makes in the series, the Japanese entry was still a strong contender, taking a few wins and several podiums.  The 3.8L twin-turbo V6 pulled the car along by the nose and could be a very competent drive in the right hands.  While the looks may hardly change, no series would be complete without the legacy of the GT-R in the field.

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